What is PenangBusiness.my?

Penang Business is a online business directory listing for businesses which are located in Penang.

How do I add my business?

Click on ADD LISTING button on top of the page and start inserting your business details.

Is it free to add my business?

Yes, adding your business listing is free and enjoy below features until year end:

  • Business name,
  • Address,
  • Tel & Email,
  • Business Description,
  • Picture Gallery,
  • Google map,
  • User reviews,
  • Social Site Link,
  • YouTube link,
  • Website Link,
  • FAQ,
  • Job Posting,
  • Feedback Form (for Claimed Business only),
  • F&B Menu Display (For F&B Business only).

NOTE: All business listing submitted, will be updated once reviewed/approved by moderator.
Only business located in Penang will be approved.

My business info is already available in this website. How did you get this info?

Most of the business details on this site were found/gathered from publicly available internet sites.
If your business already listed on Penang Business, but you haven’t claimed it yet, click “Claim Now” in the your business listing page.

How do I report business details that are incorrect?

If it is your own business, please update the listing yourself by claiming it.
Firstly, you will need to sign-up and login to your profile.
Then you may claim your business, by clicking on “CLAIM NOW” text on the business page.
You will need to prove the business belongs to you by providing us your business SSM registration number.
Once we validate and approve, you may start editing your business page.

How do i update or edit the information in my business listing?

To update your listing you first need to have an account created. Once you have an account, you can login and claim the business listing.
Once we confirm you are the business owner, then you can start to edit your business information. Or you can contact us to help you update the listing.

How can I get my listing to the top of the search results?

You can get your listing to show at the top of the search results by purchasing our advertisement package.
Please see advertise page for further details.

Can I delete a review?

You cannot delete your business reviews, however you can contact the site moderator to request a delete it for you. Please use our contact page to request a removal. If the review is unfair or inappropriate, we will do our best to remove it as soon as possible.